Card Reading

Card Reading: A Magical Place In Our Hearts

Magic has always had a captivating and primal place in our hearts. While some human beings throughout history have had seemingly limitless ability in tapping into magic as a spiritual power, the commonplace free card reading is a fantastic way for anyone and everyone to experience the magic of divination and fortune telling. There’s just something wholly free fortune card reading brings to you, giving you a sense of insight and control over oneself that one likely would never have accomplished alone.

The work that magic creates in our lives is not something we can often quantify or experience in the tangible fashion we are used to. In the “real world” we learn very quickly the notions of cause and effect. In essence, this tells us that if we do X, we will get Y. For example, we are told that if we study and work hard in school, we will get good results, and that this will give us a good job. While this can be correct in a very broad and general sense, this prescription-esque attitude to approaching life doesn’t always get us where we need to go.

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The simple fact of the matter is that this is not a path that everyone can follow. There is overwhelming evidence of individuals being totally non-conforming to the path pre-set by the education and formation systems of our world, and yet being incredibly successful in particular areas of life. Sometimes, the very nature of this thought pattern almost sets us up for failure – for those of us that don’t find prosperity in this work model, we can feel disappointed in ourselves, as though we have failed our potential futures. If we realise we were not all made to follow a prescribed set of steps, we are ready to accept the next step. This, in essence, is the notion that sometimes we have to let go of material control in our lives and let Fate take the reins.

The Universe has infinitely more at play than we could ever hope to understand or control. With this in mind, it makes sense to take control of what we can – how we respond to our emotions and our circumstantial situations – and have the strength to let go of what we cannot.

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