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The practice of Tarot is one of Mystic origin, and this by very definition leaves many unanswered questions in the mind of the beholder. Perhaps you have some basic questions about the nature of Tarot; or, maybe you are simply wanting to improve on your existing skill by asking how to be a good Tarot reader. It’s time to dispel rumour and shed some light on the issue with Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot reading!
What is a Tarot card reading

What Is A Tarot Card? What Is A Tarot Card Spread?

A Tarot card is a member of a deck of cards that is used in spiritual divination practices. Most Tarot cards follow a common style, deck size and similar depictions of imagery. There also tends to be two categories of cards within a deck – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. However, there are many alternate versions and variations on some of the classic types of Tarot cards. These can vary from slightly different deck sizes and cultural origin to artwork based in pop culture references. There is no real restriction on these cards; if they are representative of spiritual entities and messages and used in readings or other forms of divination, you can consider them Tarot cards.

A Tarot card spread is simply a pattern or formation that is followed when reading in order to help you “tell a story”, or maintain cohesiveness in your reading. It helps to have a recipe when baking – a Tarot spread is like a bare-bones recipe for your reading that you can use to springboard yourself into it!

What Is Tarot Reading? (More Importantly, What Is Intuitive Tarot Reading?)

What is a Tarot reading? It is essentially the divination or interpretation of a message conveyed by a spiritual entity of some kind. This entity can align with essentially any spiritual practice, from the Abrahamic God to the revenants of paganism. What is a Tarot card reading but an opportunity to help you interpret the signals coming to you from your place of spirituality? Intuitive Tarot reading is just as it sounds; it helps you to become more in tune (or intuitive) with yourself, your path, your relationships and your goals.

How To Be A Tarot Reader (And What Is a Tarot Card Reader Called, Anyway?)

Tarot reading is among the most accessible forms of divination in availability and practice, making it popular for beginner spiritualists. This makes it considerably easier to try if you’re just starting out with Tarot.

If you read Tarot, that’s it – you are a Tarot reader! It doesn’t take a qualification or apprenticeship to read Tarot cards. If you want to be a Tarot reader, as with any other skill or passion, you must simply put yourself into motion with reading, practicing until you feel comfortable and confident. You may find after some time that you have a comprehensive understanding of the cards you read!

Oh, and because we know you’re curious – a Tarot card reader can be called any number of things. Some examples include fortune teller, oracle, medium, seer, spiritualist, prophet, psychic or even soothsayer.

We hope you have had your questions answered in this section of our informative website!