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Gypsy Oracle Cards: Oracle Gipsy Deck Explained

As is common knowledge in the circle of the occult and divination, Gypsy heritage and culture has had a profound influence on the development, presence and influence of Tarot reading and other methods of fortune telling throughout its history. This lends to the notion that heavily Gypsy-influenced decks of cards can be especially effective or helpful in assisting you to divine your spiritual future. For beginners, finding a place to start with Gypsy oracle cards can be tough, so let’s get started reviewing a fantastic deck for readers of any skill level!
The Gypsy oracle card deck we are recommending today is the Gypsy Oracle Cards deck, brought to life by Lo Scarabeo. This deck is incredibly popular for those looking to try Tarot decks outside of the regular scope of cards.
Gypsy oracle card
It is certainly user friendly and considered among the more “honest” of decks, with many users admitting when they have not been the most honest in asking questions of these cards, the cards have forced the truth out! This is a fantastic quality to have in your deck, these Gypsy oracle cards meaning to be truly honest with you in your spiritual journey. While this is certainly a user-friendly deck of fortune telling cards, it is important that the user note their unique qualities. These cards do not really fit into the style of Lenormand or standard Tarot decks. It sits somewhere in the middle – where Lenormand typically features 36 cards and regular Tarot features 78, the Gypsy Oracle Card deck contains 52 cards. The artistry and content of the cards also differs from the standard forms. However, this makes the deck no less potent. In fact, it closely follows a traditional Oracle deck from the 19th century, bringing to life the vintage artwork and sense of ancient wisdom. It certainly echoes the more traditional Tarot decks in art style and the types of card personalities featured. Finally, the producer of these cards as mentioned typically provides 5 different language options in the interpretation book for the Gypsy oracle cards’ meanings – sensational! Don’t miss out on these quality oracle cards!
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