How Much is a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Pricing Guide: How Much is a Tarot Card Reading?

It can be hard to know how to divvy up the costs when it comes to spending on ourselves. Sometimes we spend money that we don’t have on things we can’t afford, a nasty habit that is only exacerbated by the shopping industry and its gleaming credit cards and layby options. But as important as it is to moderate our spending habits, it is also incredibly important for us to know when to dip into our penny jar. Self care is something that cannot be underestimated. So, if you know that your spiritual well-being thrives with assistance from divination, you shouldn’t be afraid to facilitate your growth in this regard. That being said, it pays to ask yourself a few questions: how much is Tarot card reading? Is it worth paying into a practice that should be kept up regularly? And how much is too much to spend on activities that surround your spiritual well-being?
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We at TarotReading offer many divination services at varying levels of cost.

7 cards for $30.... any question or situation you wish to explore using 7 tarot cards delivered in PDF format via messenger or email

7x7x7x7 for $95... a reading with 7 cards each for - Where you are now; What will happen in the future; What you need to know; a summary. 28 card spread... delivered in PDF format via messenger or email.

5 cards for $20... a five card spread for general overview or to answer a specific question. Delivered via messenger or email.