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Good Tarot Readers: Not As Hard To Find As You Might Think

The Tarot reader of your dreams could be just around the corner. It might seem like a pipe dream to some who have had to facilitate their own spiritual growth for lack of quality Tarot readers. However, TarotReading features a slew of talented divination experts who are ready and able to help you embark on your spiritual journey. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your reader is the type of reader that they are – the spiritual intuition they channel in order to divine your fortune. The type of reading mystic you choose can be vastly impactful on your reading’s interpretations, making the choice of reader important to select according to your needs. So, we have put this list together to help you make sure you are on the right track!
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Intuitive Reader

The Intuitive Tarot Reader is likewise somebody who has a striking gift, however it is not quite the same as being psychic. An intuitive reader has the remarkable capacity to draw out the truth. This deep and raw gift that intuitives possess means that they can assist you with isolating the truth and reality of a situation. Intuitive readers are almost the embodiment of the house of Swords: they hack away at convoluted half-truths and help you pave the way towards true and naked comprehension of your situation. If you’re looking for some brutal honesty, an intuitive reader might be the choice for you.

Empathic Reader

Where an intuitive carves out the truth in any situation, an empath relates intimately with what you feel, sensing the energy of a space and dissecting the raw emotion that can be found there. In this respect, an intuitive reader and an empathetic reader share similarities – emotions are our internal truth. Where an intuitive will lay the truth of a situation out for you, an empath will reveal your true sense and emotions about those situations. Empathic readers resemble the house of Cups, and can be the perfect spiritual advisor, particularly if you need a true emotional connection and understanding. This sense of understanding and safety can be truly cathartic and perfect for those who need an unyielding font of emotional support.

Psychic Reader

This will likely be one of the most common connotations a Tarot reader will associate with themselves. A true psychic is somebody who has the capacity to see the varying passageways that we can take in life, be they from past, present, or future, without the aid of the Tarot cards. They can examine and predict an individual’s directional options into the future with surprising exactness and thus appear to be able to see what’s to come. A particularly exciting vein of this gift is the talent for speaking with ethereal spirits. These readers have a true and particular blessing, and it can develop or become smothered depending on how the gift is nurtured. Given a Tarot deck, these mystics can really get the magic moving. Unfortunately a true psychic will only make up about 1% of the population of good Tarot readers, so it can be hard to pinpoint which of these are the real deal.

Universal Reader

This type of Tarot reader will probably be the most likely you will encounter. Truthfully, it is rare to find a one-hit-wonder in a reader – you generally will not get a reader with a sole focus on empathy, intuition or psychic ability. Most talented Tarot readers will dabble in each practice, although generally they will hone in on one natural ability, much as we tend to lean towards our comfort zone in skill when given the chance. A universal or holistic reader will also sometimes bring in other divination practices to the mix – options such as astrology, numerology, gemstones and runes among many others can generally be worked into a standard Tarot reading to provide you with a well-rounded and diverse divination experience.


Did this list help you discern your recommended Tarot reader? Let us know what you think, and make sure to book in with whichever member of our talented team suits your needs!

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