Email Tarot Reading

Do You Need An Email Tarot Reading?

The concept of an in-person Tarot reading is certainly the most alluring, given the more personal feel than that of a digital reading. After all, everyone goes gaga for the concept of a dedicated Mystik analysing your future in front of your very eyes! However, if you are unable to have your reading done in person, just hopping online for a quick reading may not be the best option. You may not know if your reading is just being churned through a digital engine to produce your results!


TarotReading specialises in providing a digital Tarot reading experience to you that retains authenticity and prompt service while being suited to your needs. We use real experts to bring your results, not just a computerised method. For example, if it is your romantic life that has you curious, a free love reading by email is a fantastic solution for you. A Tarot reading via email courtesy of TarotReading is always a prompt and quality option!

email tarot reading

If the notion of giving away our email address leaves you unsettled (thanks, stranger danger!) fear not. We are also more than happy to provide a free Tarot reading NO EMAIL required! Find your no email free Tarot reading option.

Would you like a Tarot Reading, but are not able to do a 1-1 card session with us?


We offer in-depth personal Tarot Readings via email, providing guidance on your questions, and I email your full reading in PDF format back to you within 48 hours. If an email tarot reading is what you’re looking for then keep reading.


If you’d love to have a tarot reading and you’re not able to see a tarot reader in person, then email tarot readings are the next best thing! We provide a range of tarot card readings via email, which offers a quick and easy way for you to find answers to your questions.


Our email tarot request readings are carried out exactly the same way as in-person readings, and we note each of the tarot cards dealt during the reading. At the end of each email reading, we document the tarot cards and write up a detailed explanation providing answers to your questions inline with the reading you’ve ordered.


If you’d like to order a tarot reading.


Should you have any questions about the email tarot readings, please use the contact form to send through an email.