Palm Reading

Palm Reading & Tarot: A Link Between Spiritual Practices

You are probably asking, what makes palm reading different to Tarot? Palm and Tarot readings have long been viewed as part of the same circle. While they are both common spiritual practices that use divination to reflect on oneself and their circumstances, they do differ significantly in some respects.
There are a few basic principles of palm reading. Most commonly recognised is that a reading is based on the lines of your hand. The notion is carried that these lines change throughout your life at the hands of age, personal growth and the adaptation of attitude and thinking. The lines on one’s hand consist of major and minor lines, which correspond to varying aspects of life.
Palm Reading
Of course, given your hand is attached to you, it is almost impossible to conduct an accurate reading without being present in person. There is also the belief that your hand belongs to one of the Elements, with these being a common theme in spiritual practice. Of course, palm reading can tell you about your life and future – although, it is well known for being difficult to understand.
The basic principles of Tarot share some similarities, but also feature major differences to palm-read fortune techniques. As we know, Tarot is based on 78 cards (each with the card’s own individual meaning and its meaning as part of a spread). Tarot is more focused on the use of intuition to understand meaning, as opposed to a prescribed future, for example. The use of imagery and symbols in Tarot cards helps the user to tell a story, and there are many adaptable card spreads or layouts to achieve this during a reading. The story Tarot tells can concern not just the present, but also insinuations about the past and future. Tarot cards are also useful in the sense that they can be read both in person (the best option) or remotely.
The quintessential differences appear mostly to be in method, with most similarities in the outcome – a desire to analyse your life and spirituality through divination. One thinks that a joined reading – an amalgamate Tarot palm reading – could be an effective combination of the two spiritual practices.
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