Twin Flame Reading

Twin Flame Reading: Your Twin Soulmate

Many people not familiar with the concept of a twin flame could liken the relationship to the more “normalised” notion of soulmates. Most people consider a soulmate to be a “one true love”, or something along those lines. In Tarot, a soulmate is generally not exclusive to one person – you can have many soulmates, and these can be lovers, parents, siblings or best friends to name a few. A twin flame, however, is that one true love – the other half of your soul. A twin flame reading is a fantastic option for you and your soulmate to become more conscious and aware of the Divine guidance surrounding your relationship.
The concept of soulmates in general is one that has deep roots in Tarot and similar spiritualities. It is based on the idea that we all originate from one collective spirit or Divine Being that became separated into individual souls in order to experience the vastness of life and the experiences it offers.
Twin Flame Reading
Therefore, our spiritual mission becomes to reunite these “soul shards”. This is a journey all of our souls have undertaken for generations, reincarnation after reincarnation, trying to find each other in each instance of life we experience. Of course, given that we are “reset” into blank slates with each new life we begin, it can be difficult to retain the lessons we have learned over the generations. However, the soul doesn’t forget the most vital parts of information it takes in.
It is said that when we experience deja vu, we are having a brief memory recall or moment of clarity from our souls of the past. It is also said that other curious and unexplainable feelings, such as love at first sight or revulsion at first sight, are the instinctual reactions of our souls to each other based on the link between us over countless reincarnations past.

Whatever the exact details, it is undeniable that there are unexplainable connections between individuals, sometimes even from the moment we lay eyes on each other. Such a meaningful link cannot be ignored.


If you have a kindred spirit in your life, make the most of the messages the Divine are offering you. A twin soul reading courtesy of the TarotReading experts is the best way to interpret the messages Tarot has to offer for you and your twin flame!

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